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The beginning of Hutchison’s Grocery Store can be traced back to the early 1800’s when three brothers by the name of “Holliday” settled in Maysville, Kentucky. In 1818 they started a brickyard and eventually went on to open a grocery store in 1830.   Micajah Hutchison married into the Holliday family and took over the family business. This is when the store took on its legendary “Hutchison’s” name.

Micajah Hutchison owned and operated the store for many years, passing it down to his son James, and then eventually to his grandson Bob. Bob Hutchison is who brought the store into the country ham business, and boy did he know what he was doing! Bob purchased six hams to sell in the store, thinking that if he sold a ham a week, it would pay for the handling costs. He prepared the hams and the six sold in three days’ time! He bought 25 more hams, and those sold in two weeks. Bob was onto something big. Feeling confident, Bob bought 125 more hams to sell at the store. His grandfather, Micajah, was appalled when he saw how many hams that Bob had purchased. To Micajah’s surprise, all 125 hams sold! The country ham recipe that Bob Hutchison created back in 1940 is the same country ham recipe that you can get today.


Nora Ruth Lester, known to most of us as “Cissy”, cared for Bob’s wife Adelma as she fell ill in the 1970’s. In addition to caring for his wife, Cissy started working at Hutchison’s Grocery store when she was just 18 years old. Cissy was as close as family to Bob and Adelma and was given Bob’s secret country ham recipe when he passed. Cissy carried on his tradition and kept this recipe intact, as its reputation continued to spread throughout the town of Maysville, state of Kentucky, and even throughout the country. Cissy passed in August of 2015 leaving behind a legacy of service in her community. Personally, I have been a close friend of Cissy and her family most of my life. She put her heart and soul into this recipe and was proud of the history of Hutchison’s country ham.

As the new owner of this recipe we are honored to carry on Bob’s tradition just like Cissy did for so many years, and to continue to provide people with an opportunity to fall in love with its delicious flavor.